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About PFM

[two_thirds]Potomac Farm Market is a family run farm market offering the community access to locally sourced produce and agricultural goods. Seasonally operated- we sell produce, pumpkins, firewood, Christmas trees and much more! We proudly support Maryland famers who we believe are the backbone of our community. 

PFM maintains close relationships with local farmers who use sustainable practices so our neighbors are receiving the very best in taste and quality. 

We aim to provide a warm, nostalgic atmosphere at our markets. A strong sense of community and connecting with our neighbors is a top priority. We look forward to meeting new customers and seeing those that are returning! 

*Now under new ownership in 2021- many new and exciting additions are on the horizon! Please reference this website as well as our social media pages for updates on closures/reopening, hours, and contact information.*

Potomac Farm Market is a Certified Agricultural Producer in Montgomery County.[/two_thirds]